Self-brewed/Loose wine
Self-brewed/Loose wine, Accumulator, Alkaline battery, Alkaline battery fluid, Chemical battery, Lead crystal battery, Lead-acid batteries, Liquid battery, Nickel-cadmium battery, Nickel-iron battery, Nuclear battery, Silver zinc battery, The fuel cell
Biochemical products, infectious, infectious substances
Animal organs, Ashes, Bones, Coffin, Dead body, Human organs (non-model), Limb, Unmedicated animal bones, Untanned animal hides, Urn.
Chemical dangerous goods
Cerium-114, Cesium-137, Cobalt-60, Iodine-131, Iron-55, Luminous powder, Manganese-54, Nuclear goods, Plutonium-239, Radioactive substances, Rhodium-106, Ruthenium-106, Strontium-90, Zinc-65.
Chemical materials
Acetic acid, Acetonitrile, Acid, Acid medium oxidant, Alcohol, Aldehyde, Alkali, Alkaline medium oxidizer, Alum, Aluminum carbide, Aluminum iron flux, Amine、Ammonia, Ammonium bicarbonate, Ammonium chloride, Ammonium nitrate, An Lvbao, etc.
Electronic product
Flammable and explosive materials
Acetylene, Acrylic resin, Activated carbon, Adhesive, Air conditioner, Air freshener, Alcohol, Alcohol block, Aluminum powder, Aluminum silver powder, Ammunition, Anti-rust lubricant, Asphalt, Asphalt cleaner, Barium alloy, Benzene, Bright oil, etc.
Guns (including imitations, main parts) and ammunition
Anesthesia injection gun, Armband, Cap badge, Epaulettes, Other military and police items, Police badge, Police uniforms, military uniforms.
Hazardous chemical
Aerosol, Ammonia, Bromine vapor, Car airbag, Carbon monoxide, Carbon oxide, Chlorine, Compressed gas, Cyanide (CN) 2, Fire extinguisher, Fluorine gas, Gas cylinder, Gas lighter, Hydrogen, Hydrogen cyanide, Hydrogen fluoride, Inflatable sphere, etc.
Illegally forged and infringing items
Charlie hebdo, Charlie weekly etc., Film, Personal letter, Pornographic publications/books.
Items prohibited from circulation or shipping by national laws
Aerial bomb, Air gun, Air gun BB bullet, Air rifle, All kinds of fake documents, Antique, Automatic mahjong machine remote control, Baccarat, Bullet, Bullet/Imitation bullet, Cannonball, Card changer, Card reader, Cheque, Control tool, etc.
Living category
Alligator/Snapping turtle, Crocodile, Firefly, Fox, Hedgehog, Live animals such as dogs/cats/chickens, ducks, geese/turtles/fish/hamsters/squirrels/pigeons/parrots/birds, Live coral, Mouse, Ornamental fish, Pangolin, Pet dog/Cat, Rabbit, Scorpion, etc.
Complete car
Medical supplies and medicines
Medical oxygen cylinder, Oxygen portable bottle.
Toxic and infectious substances
401, 2 methyl 4 chlorine, 2,4-drops, 3911. Suhua 203.1605. Methyl 1605.1059. Suppercarb, 402. Fumei Arsenic, Acaricide, Acephate, Aluminum phosphide, Amidines, Anilinium, Anthrax, Anticoagulant, Arsenic, Arsenic and its compounds, etc.